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Preventing Office Lockouts

Hectic days around the office are not a great time to lock yourself out, but it happens. Learn how to prevent an office lockout with our tips below.

The boss needs you in his office right away. Or maybe, you are the boss who needs to start the 3 o’clock meeting, 10 minutes ago. Perhaps you ran to the bathroom just before getting ready to head home, only to discover that the one thing you forgot to grab off your desk was your keys. Hectic days around the office happen to all of us and frankly, they add a level of stress to our already existing stress that none of us need. Rest assured though, you are definitely not the first to go through this and probably will not be the last. We have established some great tips for handling situations like these, so we know how to guide you through the best and worst case scenarios of an office lockout prevention

I am Locked Out of the Office- Help!

The frustration of being unable to get back into an office you stepped out of moments earlier can be really frustrating. Nowadays, more and more office doors are locked with codes and electronic passes instead of good old-fashioned metal keys. And because the world has become a more dangerous place than it used to be, the days of propping open doors for times just like these or to get a little air flow going, are pretty much nonexistent.

So what are you supposed to do and how are you going to get back in?

Don't Panic- The last thing you want to do is panic, though we know it is pretty easy to say, but not as easy to do.  While you should certainly knock on the office door and see if there is anyone who can open the door from the inside, do so as professionally as possible.  Banging on the door, screaming for help, or yelling for someone to let you in will not help you or the situation for a variety of reasons. While you may end up creating a loud nuisance and disturbing folks in other offices, you will look out of control and perhaps, make your boss and co-workers wonder what happened to you. You got locked out and will be OK- really. The moral of the story is this: Unless you are actually on fire, do not act as if you are.

Cell Phone- Use your cell phone. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is not surgically attached to their phone at this point in time, so if you do not have one, ask someone nearby if you can use theirs to call your office or anyone you think might be able to let you back in.

Network System- If no one is in the office to help you or responding to your calls, use your company email or a team networking system like WhatsApp or WeChat. Even if you are texting for help after hours, there is a solid chance that someone on your team will have their phone in hand, able to respond, and ready to help.

Leo's Locksmiths- If you have tried all of these methods and still cannot get in, it may very well be time to call for your Leo's Locksmith who are always available. Chances are that if you need us to let you in, you will incur the cost of the visit and repairs since it is not a business expense, per se. Still, we will be happy to work with you to make things as affordable as we can. And the good news? We will get that door open, have you get whatever it is you left behind, and start the day, or night, with peace of mind

How to Prevent an Office Lockout

No matter what kind of key access you have to your office door, there are ways to prevent getting locked out. Sometimes all youcommercial locksmiths need is just a few seconds of forethought to prevent an office lockout your coworkers may never let you live down.

  • This may seem rather obvious, but taking your key or access card with you every time you step out of the office. That means taking it to the bathroom, outside when you head out for a smoke break, and even when you take a private call outside on your cell phone.  Not only should you not just assume that “someone will be in the office” when you are ready to return, but you would do well to consider the fact that you need to get in could interrupt other people’s work. Be considerate and independent and always make sure you have your key in hand.

  • Keep your cell phone on hand and in hand. If you must call someone to open the door, this will make sure you have your cell phone at the ready. In a creative situation, you can even take a picture of the door you are standing at so you can be assisted even quicker.

  • Check your surroundings before you step out the office door. You may not have time to scour the entire area before making a beeline for the bathroom, but it is always best to ensure that there is someone there to help in case you get locked out.
  • Before you get locked out or even have to think about what to do in case you are, put our phone number in your cell phone’s contact list. You never know when you may need our help, so having the number programmed before you need us, is a great way to show smarts, ingenuity, and most importantly, a way into that locked office!

Contact Leo's Locksmiths whenever you need- for your safety, security, and peace of mind.